Rules for working on the platform

Please read these rules carefully before entering the system. There are age restrictions. In order to participate in this program, you must be at least eighteen years of age.

Only registered users can participate in the program, it is not available to the general public. Also invited persons by the project participants can take part in the work of the platform. Any deposit between the platform member and the system itself is a private transaction.

Project participants must agree that all documents, messages and information that come from the platform are strictly confidential. Any disclosure of information is excluded, it should not be available to third parties. In addition, the information, materials and messages contained in this document in any jurisdiction cannot be considered as an invitation or an offer to make investments. Non-public appeals to any member of the platform are considered illegal.

You fully agree that managers and participants are not responsible for your actions on the platform. Past success is not a guarantee of future success; your investments are made at your own risk. All information, messages and materials that you find on the Internet resource are educational and informational. You agree that it should not be a guide to action, much less investment advice.

If the terms and conditions are violated, the program does not bear any responsibility for the incurred costs and losses. Working with the resource is the direct responsibility of the program participants. The system participant guarantees that he will not use the Internet resource in an illegal way. All local, national and international regulations must be followed.

The administration of the program will not allow all kinds of spam. If we find such actions, then the accounts of the perpetrators will be deleted without the possibility of recovery.

The US Securities Act of 1933 does not apply to transactions in the system as it is a private transaction. Also, transactions in the system do not apply to other US laws, in particular the investment law and the stock exchange law. Not only the listed laws do not apply, but also other rules, amendments and regulations. The program is not a licensed bank or security company. Also, the program is not FDIC insured.

All information provided by a member of the system will be used exclusively in private. The receipt of confidential data to other participants is excluded. The platform is not responsible for the loss of information and data.

Without prior agreement, the rules, commissions and rates of the program may be changed by us as we see it. Changes can take place at any time convenient for the program. This is to ensure the safety of all program participants. Each participant in the system must agree that he is fully responsible for the information received and must not distribute it.

Before you post a vote on the Gold Rating resources, you must contact the administrator of our FIRST program. Try not to post bad reviews on public forums.

Mostly technical problems can arise with transactions, so do not rush to delete it, everything has its time.

The administration of the resource reserves the right to stop the participation in the program of any of its members, and without giving any reason.

You can disagree with the terms of the program and refuse to participate in it.